What we do with the data used by our servers

Agnos PCB is not storing your images in a database. Each file is uploaded directly into a server dedicated just for processing and they are erased after a brief lapse of time.

What is stored in the database is simply the segmented data of those different files. Just a small portion of every image that the neural network will use to re-adjust its algorithm in order to improve the recognition and perspective correction capabilities. After that, that segment is erased from the database after 4 days (96 hours).

The neural network process relies on the quality of the photo taken to the PCB to be inspected.

Any quality camera can be used but we strongly recommend the elements listed below:

  • Camera: SONY Alpha 5100/6000 + Tele Lens 16-50mm

  • Uniform and indirect lighting system: >1500 lumens LED lighting ring

  • Camera support. The camera have to be placed, at least 50 cms away from the PCB to be inspected.

AgnosPCB can provide the inspection system including frame, lighting, inspection platform and camera + extras. Everything already configured and ready to be deployed.


 If you are interested, please contact us