Set up your SD card

If you have an SD card that doesn’t have the Agnospcb OS operating system on it yet, or if you want to reset your system, you can easily install Agnospcb OS + inspection tool yourself. To do so, you need a computer that has an SD card port — most laptop and desktop computers have one-.

Using the Raspberry Pi Imager is the easiest way to install Raspberry Pi OS on your SD card.

Click on the link for the Raspberry Pi Imager that matches your operating system:

When the download finishes, click it to launch the installer.

Using the Raspberry Pi Imager

Anything that’s stored on the SD card will be overwritten during formatting. If your SD card currently has any files on it, e.g. from an older version of Agnospcb OS, you may wish to back up these files first to prevent you from permanently losing them.

When you launch the installer, your operating system may try to block you from running it. For example, on Windows I receive the following message:

  • If this pops up, click on More info and then Run anyway.

  • Follow the instructions to install and run the Raspberry Pi Imager.

  • Download the Agnospcb OS + Inspection tool clicking on the button:

  • Insert your SD card into the computer or laptop SD card slot.

  • Extract the .zip file into any folder.

  • In the Raspberry Pi Imager, select the Agnospcb OS image you have already downloaded and extracted and the SD card you would like to install it on. You need to select the USE CUSTOM image as indicated below.

Raspberry IMAGER.png
Raspberry IMAGER 2.png
  • Then simply click the WRITE button.

  • Wait for the Raspberry Pi Imager to finish writing.

  • Once you get the following message, you can eject your SD card and plug in into your Agnospcb raspberry 400. You will need to populate the USER and PASSWORD fields again.